IIMO Tricycle #03 in Red


IIMO Tricycle #03 in Red (MS 16)

IIMO Tricycle 03 which is a tricycle brand from Japan. IIMO 03 is the latest series of tricycle bikes that have a elegant and stylish design, equipped with a large canopy and bag of goods storage at the back. “Safety guard” to prevent children from falling out and foot rest for smaller children who can not pedal by themselves. Manufactured according to Japanese and European standards making it safe for children.

  • Brand from Japan
  • Max load 20kg
  • Equipped with abercrombie bag at the back
  • Can not be folded
  • Age: 1 – 4 years

Usia: 1- 4 tahun (Max beban 20 kg)

Harga sewa:

2 minggu: Rp 120.000,-

1 bulan: Rp 200.000,-