Cimiflo Cimilre S3 Hospital Grade Breast Pump

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Cimiflo Cimilre S3 Hospital Grade Breast Pump (KB 67)

Starting April 2016, Cimilre has split from Spectra and now makes its own breast pumps! Cimilre S3 double breast pump model appeals to those who need more functionality yet still decent portability.

Here are main reasons to choose this model:

  • Single/Double-side operation
  • Hospital Grade
  • Super quiet – noise level less than 45db
  • Highly adjustable – 12 suction levels, 5 massage levels, cycle frequency can be asjusted between 30-46/min
  • Suction strength up to 330 mmHg – more than Spectra’s 300mmHg
  • Closed system – prevents breast milk backflow into the motor
  • Auto shuts off after 30 mins of use
  • Built-in Night Light
  • LED display indicates duration of expression
  • 2 breast shields for handsfree pumping

Harga sewa:

1 bulan: Rp 155.000,-