ELC Cleaning Trolley with Vacuum Cleaner

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ELC Cleaning Trolley with Vacuum Cleaner (ELC 32)

The ELC Cleaning Trolley is perfect for Mum and Dad’s little helper. Your little one can watch the dust balls whizz around as they vacuum the carpet, they can sweep and mop the floor, as well as cleaning the worktops with the spray bottle. Great for your child’s development: A great way to get your little one used to the idea of cleaning up after themselves, the cleaning trolley is perfect for learning about the real world through imaginative play. Your little one can use their imagination to make up stories, or practice tidying up just like Mum and Dad. We love the cleaning trolley because it comes with loads of accessories to discover and play with. The dustpan and brush can even be used for real! All of the cleaning equipment can be handily stored on the trolley, which is also fun to push around itself. Playing tips:Push the trolley around and sweep up. Swish the mop, clean up spills and spray stains. Vacuum up the floor, see the beads spin and sing songs while you work! Play cleaning is a fun way to enjoy real-world imaginative play at home. Great for:-Sweeping and mopping-Pretending to vacuum the floor-Pushing the trolley along to clean a different part of the house.

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