ELC Whiz Around Garage Pink

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ELC Whiz Around Garage (Pink) (ELC 01)

Colourful chunky Whizz Around Garage with 2 cars, fun lights and sounds, and lots to play with.
Your young child will love this two-storey Whizz Around Garage. It has flashing lights, realistic sounds, a lift, two ramps and two magnetic vehicles to zoom around. Your toddler can whizz a car down the toy garage’s spiral ramp to hear whizzing sounds, or drive one right up
to the top deck. They can push cars through the Whizz Around Garage car wash, and lift them on the inspection ramp. Your child can enjoy realistic petrol pump sounds and see the lights flash when a car goes in the garage lift. Early Learning Centre’s Whizz Around Garage is a really great first garage for your toddler. It will give your young child years of enjoyable driving play.

Quick facts:

•2-storey Whizz Around Garage with lots to play with
•Lift, ramps, pumps, car wash and more
•Comes with 2 free cars with magnetic bumpers
•Fun lights and sounds to delight your toddler

Great for your child’s development:
Using their hands to drive cars around the Whizz Around Garage helps your toddler become more precise with their movements. Reaching, stretching and moving around the toy garage helps them build strength in their body. Pressing the buttons and seeing ‘what happens when …’ encourage your toddler to follow their own ideas and discover cause and effect first hand. Pushing cars around the Whizz Around Garage, and adding ‘brrm brrm’ and ‘beep beep’ sounds, using the lift and enjoying all the activity that this play garage offers are wonderful ways for your toddler to develop their thinking skills and physical skills, while enjoying satisfying early imaginative play with a fantastic garage.

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