Ching Ching Big Plastic Ball Pool


Ching Ching Big Plastic Ball Pool (CH 08)

This huge and sturdy plastic ball pool will cheer your children everyday. Perfect for the whole family to swim together in a pool of colorful balls. Include 4000 colorful balls.

Dimension: 230x 230x 60cm

Usia: Segala usia

Harga sewa (tanpa slide):

2 minggu: Rp 350.000,-

1 bulan: Rp 600.000,-

Party (6 jam): Rp 550.000,-

Harga sewa: (dengan 1 slide):

2 minggu: Rp 450.000,-

1 bulan: Rp 700.000,-

Party (6 jam): Rp 650.000,-