Spectra S9+ Single Breast Pump

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Spectra S9+ Single Breast Pump (KB 51)
Spectra S9+ Breast Pump is a new compact breast pump from South Korea with the feature of single sided pump, massage (Let Down) mode that help in stimulating your body’s let down reflex to speed up the start of milk flow.
~ Single sided pumping in a tiny package – the pump weights only 300gm!
~ Closed system – prevents breast milk backflow into the motor
~ 5-level Massage mode and 10 Level
~ Suction/Speed adjustment
~ Much quiter than traditional electric breast pumps
~ Built-in rechargeable battery*
~ Suction pressure of 300 mmHg
~ Super easy to clean – only the funnels needs to detached and washed after every pumping
~ Automatically shuts off after 30min
~ LCD screen
~ Timer
*Battery life is usually sufficient for 2-3 sessions of 30min but also depends on user settings (vacuum level and period of time in massage mode).
Min sewa 1 bulan: Rp 115.000,-