Cocolatte Omni Guard Carseat in Red

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Cocolatte Omni Guard Carseat in Red (KB 31)

Rear Facing :
– weight between birth and 13 kg (from birth to around 1 year old)
– height 74cm or less

Forward Facing :
– weight between 9 kg and 18 kg
– height child ear below the the top of seat back of the child restraint

Secure Child Properly in Child Restraint
– correct shoulder strap height
– harness secure and tight

Install Child Restraint Rear-Facing in Safe Location Vehicle :
– vehicle seats that face front of vehicle only
– position nith No active airbag
– 3 position (shoulder/lap) belt used
– seat belt not twisted
– belt path followed
– installed tight againts vehicle seat

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