Labeille Rocking Pony (Blue)


Labeille Rocking Pony (Blue) (CH 15)
L’abeille Rocking Pony is a rocking ride can gently rock a youngster at a steady space and safely handle long galloping rides through imaginary fields and forests.Comes with brightly colors, made from safety materials. The L’abeille Rocking Pony is a classic toy that will give hours of imaginative exercise while developing basic balance and coordination skills for children. This can be an exciting gift if the child has a passion for developing basic skills of horse riding.
Dimension: 61 x 27 x 43 cm
Usia: 1 tahun+ (Max. 18Kg)
Harga sewa:
2 minggu: Rp 50.000,-
1 bulan: Rp 80.000,-