Spectra S1 Double Breast Pump

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Spectra S1 Double Breast Pump (KB 73)

Spectra S1 Hospital Grade Breast Pump Double Breast pump with rechargeable battery.

Spectra Cimilre S1 is the most sophisticated collection of breast pumps with complete breast care features, such as:

  • The massage or stimulation feature in the ASI Spectra S1 Pump is useful for stimulating the LDR or Let Down Reflex in the breast. The LDR here has a meaning as a condition where the muscles of the breast muscle contract so as to encourage breast milk to come out of the breast. In the LDR phase, pumping will be easier (does not require strong suction power) and the process of removing breast milk will be more maximal. This massage feature has 5 power levels that can be adjusted as possible.
    Suction rhythm setting feature. This feature allows users to adjust the speed of suction or rhythm. This feature has 5 speed levels, 38 RPM, 42 RPM, 46 RPM, 50 RPM and 54 RPM. By setting the suction speed a user can maximize pumping and cut pumping time.
  • Two Pump or Dual Funnel. With the suction strength that supports it, the Spectra S1 ASI Pump can be used for two funnels without reducing the suction speed, even though the suction power for the use of 1 funnel will be stronger than 2 funnels.
  • LED lights are very helpful in the pumping process at night, this LED light feature is one of the favorite features of mothers.
  • The Spectra S1 pump funnel has adopted a closed system. Closed system is an asi pump system, where the air entering and exiting through the motor does not come into direct contact with the air in the bottle and around the breast milk. This system has a barrier (membrane) between the funnel with the engine. So that the motor will not concede ASI. Although this principle can reduce power by about 20-30% than an open system pump, but this pump is very safe for multi-user use (with a funnel note and barrier membrane must be new). This system can maintain the formation of mold (clumps of milk) on a motor that is usually a source of bacterial and viral contamination.


If there is breast milk deposited on the backflow preventer, please immediately turn off the pump and clean and dry the backflow before using it again. Because if the preventer backflow membrane is not in good condition, then there will be a possibility that breast milk will enter the hose. The hose must always be dry. Please do not wash or rinse.

Complete Rental of Spectra S1 ASI Pumps:

Electric breast pumps, funnels, valves (silicone head), hoses, container bottles asi + pacifiers, silicone massager, backflow preventer, AC adapters, bottle coasters, and manual switch kits

The right way to use this Spectra S1 pump:

  1. Turn on the pump then reduce the suction to the smallest level
  2. Turn on the massage button then reduce the level to the smallest level
  3. Perform breast fitting with a pump funnel
  4. Turn on the pump engine and activate massage mode, adjust the strength of the massage to get the best phase for fishing LDR
  5. After that, turn off the massage phase by pressing the massage button again and adjust the suction strength to the most comfortable level
  6. In the Spectra S1 ASI Pump there is a function of setting the rhythm of suction between 38-54 RPM.
  7. Adjust the rhythm speed according to comfort. This feature allows for faster pumping with a maximum yield
  8. When the LDR process is complete, repeat the instructions above

Minimum sewa 1 bulan: Rp 270.00,-