Yaya Baby Climbing Slide with Basketball


Yaya Baby Climbing Slide with Basketball (YY 04)

YaYa Climbing Slide for small children 1-2 years old. Made of good quality plastic Anti -bacterial coating Non-toxic, non-irritating to the skin of children . Bright colors with a basketball hoop and basketball.
Weight up to 20 kg

– Atmosphere designed like climbing. Young children do not have the right paw with a sharp cutting edge make children exercise all proportion.
– Catch up on slides suitable for children.
– Slide the tip designed to accommodate the arc struck by the weight down.
– A basketball hoop (removable storage) and basketball.
– A late brace secures the added security.
– Folded easily
– H 670 x W1260 x L 500mm

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2 minggu: Rp 55.000,-

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